The Real Artists

Meet our first ever creators- Shashi and Anita

Anita’s story                                

Anita Maurya works as a tailor in Pathanwadi in Mumbai. She has three children who are all well educated in a nearby low income private school. Her husband works in a petrol pump. A feisty woman, Anita is deeply involved in the growth of her children. As a tailor, she had intermittent income during the festival season. Today, Anita creates products for Warm Regards and has tripled her income. Her attention to detail, speed and attitude towards her craft keeps us going.

Shashi’s Story

Shashikala Yadav, fondly known as Shashi, is the level 5 leader you would have read about in Jim Collin’s Good to Great. Shashi is a mother of two, lives in Pathanwadi and was a housewife. A year ago, Shashi sat at the employment drive that was being conducted by Warm Regards quietly but slowly, her work began to speak. Initially, Shashi made the designs which were provided by us flawlessly but gradually began experimenting and delighting us with her own creations. The wool scarves created by Warm Regards, are in fact Shashi’s original designs.