Wash and Wear!

Four Steps to Caring For Your Organic Cotton and Natural Dyed Clothes! 

Often, we are asked how can one care for organic cotton clothes better. The questions that are asked of us range from whether the clothes will bleed colour when washed, or can they be washed using regular detergents. These questions are real as we are so used to washing clothes that might be made of synthetic fiber, which tends to be hardier.


Organic and natural dyed clothes tend to be a little more delicate than regular clothes. However, they are not so delicate that they cannot be washed or ironed. Organic cotton is softer and doesn’t necessarily shrink or lose shape with washes or wears. However, it is the natural dyes that need our attention. Washing our clothes in a washing machine with a rough wash cycle can leave our clothes looking worn out. Just a little care will go a long way in increasing your wears.

Below are some ways to care for your organic cotton natural dyed clothes.

 1. Wash your clothes in a wash bag.

Place your clothes in a wash bag, close the zip and put it into your machine. As the clothes are inside a wash bag, they will be safe from the harsh wash cycles. You might want to ensure that your wash bag is free from lint and doesn’t bleed colour. Don’t have a wash bag? Simply place your clothes in a pillowcase, tie it shut and voila! With every Warm Regards’ purchase, you also are given a cloth bag. You could use it as a wash bag!

 2. Use a natural detergent.

Soap nut clothes washes are the newest cool. They are gentle on our clothes, our hands and bodies and also on the environment. You don’t have to feel guilty anymore washing your clothes and contaminating groundwater as soap nut (also known as reetha in hindi) is completely natural. You could also wash your clothes with a little bit of vinegar, baking soda and salt. Yes, it works. The baking soda and salt make the colours fast and vinegar takes out any odour from your clothes. All this without harming the environment and without burning a hole in your pocket! How cool is that?

 3. Wash your clothes in lots of water in a bucket.

Yes, just soak your clothes in a bucket and rub it gently with your hands. No soap. Yes, you read that right. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t sweat as much and doesn’t spend too much time outdoors, simply dip your clothes in water and dry them in shade. Easy peasy.

 4. Consider not washing your clothes at all.

Yes! If you do not sweat much, don’t come in touch with too much grime, why wash your clothes? No really. The detergent companies have brainwashed us into believing that our clothes need to be washed every time and need to smell of jasmines and roses. No not really. Try out an experiment and make an informed choice of washing your clothes or not.

These are some simple ways of caring for your organic and natural dyed clothes. We do not strongly recommend dry cleaning as an option as it can harm the environment and we do not want our customers breathing in poisonous fumes emanating from their dry cleaned clothes. Just a simple bucket wash in cold water, drying in gentle shade is enough for your completely natural and responsible purchase. Reach out for any questions on care instructions!