Furry Friends

Why is a cat always the mainstay in your photographs? 

Honestly, nobody has asked us that question yet! However, yes, we do have our little cat, Gaya, posing in almost all our pictures. 

Why, do you ask? Well, keeping in mind the personality of cats, we have a few answers. 

a. Cats scan their environment for new things and immediately take over the new addition, as a way to mark their territory. Hence, whenever, we open our scarves or clothes for a photoshoot, Inspector Gaya takes over!

b. Cats love attention: At least Gaya was never raised to be a grumpy cat who hates humans. (No, not all cats are grumpy and hate humans!) As she is truly the centre of our universe, she ensures she is part of everything we do. 

c. As we run an ethical and sustainable brand, we are in absolute love with nature. Our homes are filled with plants and natural products and animals from time to time. Gaya is a resident :) But we are open to more cats, and maybe even a pup!

d. Your clothes and scarves are however completely safe from animal fur of any kind. We keep our stuff safe and respect people's preferences. Most of the products are sample pieces or we ensure we give it a good wash, before it reaches you. 

So, yes, we have a cat. We know of fellows designers who have cats, dogs and birds. We think it's what binds us all together. The creativity, the ability to think outside the box, adulation of nature and the ability to give. We are sort of inspired by our furry friends and love them dearly :)