About Us

Warm Regards started in the year 2014, as an experiment. We wanted to witness the improved choices, people could make given the options. We saw artisans- mothers of our students (Warm Regards is started by a teacher) having a skill, which when used, could lead to financial empowerment. This financial empowerment would lead to better choices in health, education and living conditions. At the same time, we were concerned about what is available to consumers. Mass produced clothes that look the same, synthetic raw materials which have the potential to harm both- human beings as well as nature had to go. We believe that it is every person’s right to choose safe clothing for themselves and for the ones they love and we are committed to make that come true. Warm Regards’ is a testament to the fact, that when communities come together in support of each other, beautiful things are possible.
(P.S Read the FAQs to know more about us!)